Thursday, 17 May 2012

Alternative revenue.

Many think tanks have come to similar conclusions about taxation in recent years, however the mainstream of thought within governments does not seem to have been sufficiently influenced.

This might have much to do with the fact that fossil fuel companies are very close to all of the major administrations, through well funded lobby groups, donations and powerful political allies.

The G8 are meeting next week and this presents an opportunity for the leaders to honour promises to reduce tax payers subsidy to big coal and oil. In fact, if they can make this step, it is not a giant leap further to change the taxation system as well.

There are numerous benefits to taxing energy as opposed to labour, not least it raises money without as much drag on the economy and would make renewable energy more competitive, see the linked report:

As global citizens, we can influence the G8 leaders and ask them to drop subsidies to fossil fuel producers, I chose Avaaz as a means to voice me feelings on this and other issues of sustainability and social justice, check them out:

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