Monday, 10 June 2013

Is Rome already alight?

On a climate change theme today!

It seems quite incredible to me that governments appear happy to leave the issue of climate warming and sea level rise on the back burner, whilst continuing to exploit fossil fuels at an increasing rate.

I have highlighted a couple articles that sum up the predicament quite clearly, I can't believe that we have all voted to mandate procrastination on such an important issue!
First up from a US map showing 16 cities at serious risk from sea level rise and climate enhanced storm surges.

Even the IEA have spoken out about the current impasse on reaching political agreement for a replacement to Kyoto.

They say that with current trends in energy production and emissions, this puts us on a path to a catastrophic 5oC rise in global temperatures.

And all this on a day when the Guardian reports that the UK is looking maximise UK North Sea oil production #greenestgovernmentever

There is absolutely no point in growth at all costs if the cost becomes catastrophic climate change!