Friday, 1 June 2012

Round up of a busy week.

Where would you start?

The regime in Syria has reached a new low in the depravity stakes, it says a lot about Russia (and its leaders), that they continue to provide support.

Jobless figures are up in the US, recession looms and solutions look pretty thin on the ground. In the UK manufacturing has dipped and we are into a real double dip, with good jobs being lost, which will impact negatively on tax returns and spending. The ideological attack on public services and the capital expenditure it was delivering doesn't look so wise now!

Meanwhile, Greece is bleeding to death, the ECB has cut off the oxygen and deposits drain away by the day. The Euro zone wanted Greece in and bailed them out to preserve their own reputations, now that Greece has said it wants to stay but with a different mandate it seems Germany in particular are happy to see them leave.

What then will they do about Spain? Banking system implosion imminent!!!
I can see all the dominoes lining up!

Meanwhile the NOAA reports that CO2 levels at the Arctic monitoring stations have reached and exceeded 400 ppm. Not a critical threshold in itself, but a warning that we continue down a path towards a very uncertain future.

And in Bangladesh, Arsenic continues to be a serious problem in drinking water supplies.

Just as well we have a Jubilee to celebrate then, I'm sure that will take our minds off of all of this for a day or two!!!

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